Some serious editing of stuff!

Weary, but we made it.

We finally managed to get all our possessions down to hand luggage. It was weeks of sorting and repacking but we paired down to absolute essentials. Okay, I may have a couple of large suitcases stored with stuff that may be essential in the future, and we have to buy a few things such as underwear pretty quickly, but it’s not bad. This is how much stuff came out of our apartment for a yard sale:

There’s about the same amount of stuff behind me in this shot.
Enough cuddly toys for our own store!

While this process was stressful and exhausting, I learnt some valuable lessons:

  1. Our family had way, way too much stuff! I will NEVER let it accumulate like this again.
  2. Stuff really isn’t that important. People, pets, doing things you enjoy, your health etc. are important.
  3. You shouldn’t get nostalgic about objects, just because they bring back memories. The memories are fine in your head, not cluttering up your living space.
  4. Only keep things that are very useful and only keep clothes that are functional AND bring you joy (thank you Marie Kondo).
  5. You shouldn’t have so much stuff that keeping it organized stops you from doing the activities that you love.

I now have to figure out what an ideal amount of belongings is as we move to our new island. I’m a sucker for kitchen gadgets, so I’ll have to watch that habit. I’ve also realized that I tend to hang on to things incase they will be useful in the future, and I found out from reading articles online, that this is a hoarder habit. Scary. I’m determined that we will be a minimalist household from now on, something that will be hard with two children. Relocating from a small island may be incredibly difficult, but it’s also been very liberating.

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